About Me


About Me

My name is Chris, and I’m the owner and author of Backyard-Gardening-Fun.com. (Yep, the guy in the photo with the goofy grin is me, selling peaches at the farmer’s market. And yes, I’ll admit it …that photo is ‘a few’ years old!).

About Me

I’ve been involved with agriculture for most of my life. The majority of my experience has been in commercial agriculture, growing field crops, orchard crops and greenhouse crops.

Really big backyard gardens, you might say.

But no matter the size of your garden, you’re just as much an expert (or will be!) about growing the plants in your garden as any big-time farmer.

That’s because a blueberry bush needs the very same soil preparation and care whether you’re growing 1 bush or 10,000. Your few tomato plants need no less care and nurturing than the countless tomato plants grown commercially every year.

It doesn’t matter whether you just want to grow enough to be able to supply your family with safe and healthy food, or if you want to run a full-scale family farm. Regardless of what you grow, to be successful you have to learn what that plant needs, no matter the scale of your efforts.

And that’s part of the fun of gardening, wouldn’t you agree? So much we need to learn, and so much we get to learn.

I hope that my website can be a bit of help to you in acquiring the knowledge that’s so essential to successful gardening. I hope, too, that I can share a bit of the joy I’ve found in growing nature’s bounty. After all, whether you do it as a vocation or as an avocation, there’s something deeply satisfying in being able to produce the most basic necessity of life.

I think that’s part of the reason that gardening has been exploding in popularity in recent years. Gardening provides a sense of self-sufficiency that I believe more and more people are yearning for these days.

Even if you’re limited to only a tiny patch of a backyard, you can produce an amazing amount of good, healthy food for your family. Food that hasn’t been sprayed with who-knows-what, traveled thousands of miles, and been handled by countless people before you put it in your mouth.

Got Any Suggestions?

This website is a work-in-progress, so if there’s anything I can do to make the site a more useful resource for you, please let me know. I welcome your suggestions.

And thanks so much for visiting. I hope you’ll feel that your time here was well spent.

Happy Gardening! 

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