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Affiliate and Advertising Disclosure

Thank you for visiting Backyard-Gardening-Fun. I hope you’re enjoying your visit, and that you’ve found the free content provided by this website to be entertaining and useful.

Please be aware that if you click on links from this website to purchase a product offered for sale on other websites, Backyard-Gardening-Fun may be paid a small commission. That commission has no impact upon the price you pay for the product, but it does help to fund Backyard-Gardening-Fun’s ongoing commitment to providing quality, useful, and free content.

Be assured that I never link to a product which I don’t feel offers value for my website visitors. And I never state or imply that I own or use a product myself if that’s not the case.

When I do have personal experience with a product, I’ll give you my honest opinion of the product.

(If I’ve purchased a product that, in my opinion, does not offer fair value for the money, though, it won’t show up on this website at all. And yes, I’ve purchased some duds that didn’t make the cut!)

I take care to ensure that only product links that are relevant to the content of a web page are displayed. No product links to laptop computers on a page about blueberry plants!

If you do purchase a product through a link on this website, and plan to purchase that product again in the future, feel free to return here and purchase through our link to the product. By doing so, you’ll insure that Backyard-Gardening-Fun will receive the commission for that sale.

But whether you purchase through a link on Backyard-Gardening-Fun, or go directly to the seller’s website, the price that you pay is the same.

And please understand that advertisements displayed in the “Ads by Google” blocks are not selected by me, but by Google. So if you happen to notice an ad being repeated across multiple pages, or ads that seem oddly out of synch with the content of the page, that’s strictly in the hands of Google.

Backyard-Gardening-Fun may also be compensated for display advertising other than and in addition to the “Ads by Google” blocks.

I’m honored by your visit to Backyard-Gardening-Fun, and I truly hope you found the information you were seeking.

Best Regards,
Chris at Backyard-Gardening-Fun

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