Interested in Beginning Beekeeping?

Interested in Beginning Beekeeping?
Interested in Beginning Beekeeping?

Interested in Beginning Beekeeping?

Are you interested in becoming a beekeeper?

Many gardeners find beekeeping to be a wonderful companion hobby to gardening. I’ve certainly found that to be the case, and I’ve been keeping bees longer than I’ve been growing plants!

In fact, the two hobbies can be mutually beneficial: Your garden plants (and your harvests!) will benefit from the bees keeping all the blossoms well-pollinated, and the bees will benefit from gathering a bounty of pollen and nectar from your garden plants.

But how do you go about beginning beekeeping?

After all, starting a beehive isn’t quite the same as starting a garden. There’s a bit more to learn before you get started.

And let’s be honest – the consequences of making a mistake with your bees could be a bit more ‘painful’ than making a mistake with your radishes or tomatoes!

In fact, it might be that you find the idea of becoming a beekeeper kind of exciting, and yet at the same time, a bit scary, because you’re worried about the mistakes you might make.

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If so, I can certainly sympathize.

Even though I started beekeeping many years ago when I was a teenager, I still remember the uncertainty and confusion that resulted from having no real guidance. I remember some of the bumbling mistakes and the disastrous results – for both me and the bees!

You see, when I was beginning beekeeping, I didn’t have any friends or relatives who knew anything about beekeeping, so I was on my own.

Sure, I had some beekeeping books. I had some of the great classics of beekeeping, which I still treasure.

But most books devote just a few pages – or maybe even just a few feeble paragraphs – to the topic of how to get started as a beekeeper.

Are You In The Very Same Situation Right Now?

If you’re thinking about beginning beekeeping, you may have already examined some of the popular beekeeping books.

If so, you’ve probably found that these books provide lots of great information. You’ll likely want to stock your library with some of these great books to increase your beekeeping knowledge in future years.

But what about right now, before you’ve even started beekeeping?

What you need most right now is clear, detailed guidance about how to become a beekeeper – not a quick brush-off that leaves you guessing about so many details.

Beekeeping Is SO Different From Most Other Hobbies…

Getting started in beekeeping is quite different from many other hobbies. With most hobbies you can muddle your way through your first faltering steps, learning as you go, with no harm done.

But when you’re beginning beekeeping, you’re dealing with living creatures. And of course, these particular critters can sting! So it’s better for both you and the bees if you have an experienced friend to guide you through your first steps in getting started with this wonderful hobby.

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If you already have an experienced beekeeper friend to offer you guidance, then consider yourself fortunate – I’m sure your friend will get you off to a great start.

But if you don’t have a friend to mentor you through the process of getting started as a beekeeper, I’d like to help. I’ll be a virtual friend guiding you through your first steps as a beekeeper.

There’s Lots You Need To Know Before You Get Started…

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Beehive – unlike so many other beekeeping books – is focused just on the process of getting started.

In this book I’ll show you – not just tell you – how to assemble your beehive and install your package bees. I’ll answer some of the questions you’ve been wondering about, and some you probably haven’t even thought of yet.

Questions like:

  • Is Beekeeping Right For Me?
    Are you certain that beekeeping is right for you? I’ll help guide you through the decision making process by offering some points for consideration. If it happens that beekeeping isn’t for you, you can save yourself time, money and headaches by finding out before you get started.
  • How Much Will It Cost To Get Started In Beekeeping?
    I can’t give you an absolute number because there are too many variables. But I can give you a good ballpark estimation of what it will cost to get started. (Hint: Beekeeping isn’t the cheapest hobby in the world, but it’s far from the most expensive. And unlike most hobbies, you’ll actually have a chance to make a bit of profit in the long run.)
  • What Equipment Will I Need To Get Started?
    Like most hobbies, you could spend lots of money on equipment when you start beekeeping. But there are only a few items of must-have equipment. I’ll help you save money by letting you know exactly what you must buy to get started. Save the frills and goodies for later.
  • How Will I Get My Bees?
    Ebook PackageDo you know how to get bees when you’re beginning beekeeping? Most new beekeepers have their bees delivered to them through the mail in a package.

    But you’ll learn about several options for getting bees – each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • What In The World Is A ‘Super?’
    Langstroth beehives are by far the most popular type of hive. I’ll teach you about the different components of a Langstroth hive. What in the world are ‘supers’ and ‘frames’ and ‘excluders?’ You’ll find out! You’ll learn what each component of the hive is called and the function each performs. You’ll even learn a bit about how the modern beehive came to be.
  • How The Heck Are These Parts Supposed To Fit Together!?
    If you’ve ever assembled anything, you know that the easiest way to do that is to have somebody show you how to do it.

    Ebook Hive

    Sure, most items requiring assembly come with instructions. Beehive kits are no exception; they come with rudimentary instructions.

    But rather than trying to puzzle your way through the instructions, you’ll just follow along with me as I build a beehive kit.

    Clear descriptions and multiple photos at each step of the process will make assembling your first hive a breeze. No detail is too small – I’ll even tell you what size nail to use at each step!

    You’ll avoid the time wasting process of trying to figure it all out yourself the first time you build a hive. And you’ll have the confidence of knowing that you’re building your hive correctly.

  • How Do I Set Up My Hive And Get It Ready For The Bees?
    Did you know that you should provide water for your bees, just as you would for a dog or a cat? It’s true, and it’s one of several tips for setting up your new hive in a way that will be best for both bees and people. You can even help your bees coexist with people by being an air traffic controller of sorts, directing the flight path of your bees.
  • OK, I’ve Got My Package Bees. How Do I Get These Bees Into That Hive!?
    A bit jittery about installing package bees into your hive for the first time? No need to be, because you’ll have done it already with me.

    You’ll follow along as I go through each step of the process, starting with picking the bees up at the post office. I’ll tell you what to do at each step of the way, and photos will help to make the process clear.

    I’ll even tell you how to take care of the bees until you’re ready to hive them. I’ll also provide a ‘be prepared’ checklist so you’ll be sure to have everything you’ll need on-hand when the bees arrive.

    When the time comes for you to install your own package bees, you’ll have a good idea of what to do and how to do it. You’ll do fine; with knowledge comes confidence!

  • It’s Time To Make My First Hive Inspection. What Are The Best Techniques For Opening And Examining My Hive?
    Once you’ve installed those package bees, the time will come when you’ll need to open up the hive and make your first hive inspection.


    Ebook Frame

    Understandable, but unnecessary, because I’ll show you how to perform a hive inspection.

    I’ll cover all the details, including what to wear (it matters!) and the type of weather that’s best. A step-by-step explanation of the process with accompanying photos will teach you to inspect your hive properly and safely. It’ll be fun!

    And if you should be stung on this first hive inspection? Well, that probably won’t happen – but it certainly could. I’ll tell you how to handle that if it does happen.

  • My Bees Made It Through The Summer. How Do I Get Them Ready For Winter?
    Did you know that when honey bee colonies die during winter, it’s rarely the cold temperatures that kills them? It’s true, and after you’ve gone through the hard work and expense of getting your beehive started, you’ll want to do all you can to help them survive their first winter.

    How should you setup your hive for winter? How much honey do your bees need to survive the winter? How should you feed them if they don’t have enough honey? Knowing the answers to these questions not only impacts your bees’ chance of survival, but also your chance of getting a good honey crop next spring.

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I’ve created a step-by-step comprehensive guide to starting your own beehive, all in one convenient package.

Here’s the table of contents:

  • Introduction… Page 3
  • Chapter 1: Is Beekeeping For You?… Page 6
  • Chapter 2: Beekeeping Equipment – What You’ll Need To Get Started… Page 15
  • Chapter 3: How To Get Bees… Page 23
  • Chapter 4: Beehive Basics… Page 29
  • Chapter 5: Assemble Your Beehive Kit… Page 34
  • Chapter 6: Pick A Location For Your Hive And Set It Up… Page 72
  • Chapter 7: Installing Your Package Bees… Page 77
  • Chapter 8: Your First Hive Inspection… Page 98
  • Chapter 9: Ongoing Colony Management… Page 108
  • Chapter 10: Getting Your Bees Ready For Winter… Page 116
  • Congratulations – You’re A Beekeeper!… Page 121
  • Appendix A: Beekeeping Equipment Suppliers
  • Appendix B: Package Bee Suppliers

I don’t like hyped-up sales pages (and I bet you don’t either), so here’s the truth: If you have an experienced beekeeper available to mentor you through the process of starting a beehive, you don’t need this ebook.

If you don’t have an experienced beekeeper to guide you each step of the way, well, you can have the next best thing – a virtual mentor!

Getting started in beekeeping is fun and exciting. But let’s be honest – for newbies, it can be a bit confusing and stressful at times, too.

Why go it alone if you don’t have to?

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Excerpts from “The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Beehive”

It’s great news to me that you’re considering becoming a beekeeper, because I’ll have the pleasure and honor of helping to guide your first steps into the fascinating and rewarding world of beekeeping…

Chapter 2: Beekeeping Equipment – What You’ll Need To Get Started:
You’ll need a bit of specialized equipment to become a beekeeper. Tools of the trade, you might say. You won’t need much, though. Acquiring the equipment that you must have will definitely not be a budget-buster…

Chapter 4: Beehive Basics:
If you’re completely new to beekeeping, the components of a standard beehive are probably a mystery to you. So let’s take a moment to clear up that mystery. After all, before you build a beehive, it would be helpful to understand the purpose served by each component of the hive…

Chapter 5: Assemble Your Beehive Kit:
When you buy an unassembled hive kit, all you have to do is just put the parts together and nail them. It’s easy to do, but the first time doing anything can sometimes be a bit confusing. And though instructions will most likely come with any kit you buy, the instructions are sometimes less than helpful – even when you take the time to read them. (If you’re like me, that’s usually the last thing you do!)…

Chapter 6: Pick A Location For Your Hive And Set It Up:
One of the sights I most enjoy with my bees is standing near one of my hives on a bright, sunny day, and watching the bees zipping off in all directions to forage. In an apiary with several hives, you can look up to the sky and see bee bodies darting just every which way as they make their way to and from the hives…

Chapter 7: Installing Your Package Bees:
Before you get a call from the post office letting you know that your bees have arrived, you’ll want to be sure that you’re ready. Scrambling around trying to attend to last minute preparations does nothing to calm the nerves of nervous newbies (and most new beekeepers are a bit nervous their first time installing package bees)…

Chapter 8: Your First Hive Inspection:
This is where the hobby really becomes both fascinating and fun as you watch the progress of your new hive. After all of the years I’ve been keeping bees, I’m still amazed at how rapidly a brand-new colony can progress. They get right to business!

Congratulations – You’re A Beekeeper!
When you’ve reached this point in the process, you’ll have made it through your first year as a beekeeper. You’ll have experienced a lot of the joy of beekeeping, and maybe some of the trials and tribulations, too. It’s not all a bed of roses (what activity in life really is?)…

Ordering Information:

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There are many wonderful beekeeping books, each presenting a wealth of information about honey bees and beekeeping. But I don’t know of ANY other book that devotes well over 100 pages of text and photos just to the process of starting your very first beehive.

To order, just click the ‘Buy Now’ button. You’ll have the option of paying with PayPal or with any major credit card. You’ll have the e-book downloaded to your computer within minutes. Get your beekeeping career off to a great start!

Button Only $14.95

On The Fence?

Don’t worry; the last thing I want to do is sell you something that you won’t be happy with. That’s why I offer a 100% money back guarantee.

If you don’t find the e-book to be useful in helping you get started as a beekeeper, just let me know within 30 days of the purchase date, and I’ll refund your $14.95. Every penny of it – no questions asked.

Please Note: This is an electronic book that you will download to your computer. You will not receive a physical, printed copy of a book (though you may print all or portions of the book at your own convenience).

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