What are the Best Tomato Varieties?

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What are the Best Tomato Varieties?

The best tomato varieties?

Well, that’s a loaded question if ever I heard one!

In fact, I’m almost cringing as I write this! I’m imagining virtual rotten tomatoes flying at me from every direction across the World Wide Web!

Because I can just imagine someone – maybe YOU – reading this page, and thinking (and maybe even shouting!) “how could anyone compose a list of the best tomato varieties, and not include such-and-such variety!”

But here’s the thing:

There are HUNDREDS, perhaps THOUSANDS of varieties that are deserving of being on this list.

And in fact, as discussed on the page about choosing the most suitable tomato varieties for your garden, it’s difficult to even define what a ‘best tomato’ variety is. Because there are so many different criteria that are more or less important depending upon your situation and preferences.

So let’s do this, dear reader:

I’ll provide a short list of some of the most popular tomato varieties. This list will certainly not be comprehensive, but perhaps it will provide a nice starting point for tomato-growing newbies.

If you’re a more experienced grower, and have had some really great experiences with some varieties not on this list – tell us! (And drop that virtual rotten tomato; surely you can find someone more deserving than me to heave it at!)

Oh, and if you’re an heirloom tomato enthusiast, I’m going to dedicate a separate page where we’ll list some of the more popular heirloom varieties (click here for heirloom tomato varieties). We’ll keep the discussion to hybrid varieties on this page.

Popular Varieties

OK, here are just a few of the most popular gardening tomatoes going. They may not necessarily be the best tasting tomatoes, or the most productive tomatoes, but they are all well known, proven, reliable varieties.

  • Big Beef Tomato
  • Extra large beefsteak variety. Big beef tomatoes are heavy producers.
  • Roma Tomato
    The classic of Italian paste tomatoes. Produces plum-shaped fruits great for making paste and sauces.
  • Early Girl Tomato
    A small to medium size red tomato that, true to it’s name, ripens very early. Good flavor and aroma.
  • Celebrity Tomato
    One of the most popular of modern hybrid beefsteaks. Celebrity tomatoes are medium sized with great flavor.
  • Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomato
    One of the most popular of cherry tomatoes. Ripens to a deep red color, which does indeed look very much like a cherry. Has a sweet flavor.
  • Tiny Tim Cherry Tomato
    A tiny plant that produces tasty, tiny tomatoes. Plants grow to only 18 inches, which makes Tiny Tim a great candidate for container gardening.

There’s our starter list. Yes, I know, there are LOTS of varieties that could be added to this list.

So let’s hear your suggestions!

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