Want to Build a Greenhouse?

Want to Build a Greenhouse?
Want to Build a Greenhouse?

Want to Build a Greenhouse?

If you’re considering building a greenhouse and taking up greenhouse gardening, this ebook, Building A Greenhouse, will offer you lots of guidance.

Want to Build a Greenhouse?

The first part of the book provides a very nice overview of greenhouse growing, beginning with a discussion of the joys of greenhouse gardening, and a brief explanation of the science behind greenhouses.

Then it moves into a look at the various kinds of greenhouses – lots of them!

Nearly 2 dozen different types of greenhouses are described, with the advantages and disadvantages of each discussed.

If you know you want a greenhouse, but aren’t sure what kind of greenhouse you want, this will help.

Want to Build a Greenhouse?

Construction Materials?

What advantages does a wooden framed greenhouse offer over a metal-framed greenhouse? How about a steel tube framework vs. aluminum?

What are the many different types of greenhouse coverings and the advantages / disadvantages of each? Which will work best for you?

Which is the cheapest? Which is the most energy efficient? Which will last longest?

Want to Build a Greenhouse?

Lots of questions, but they’re all things you’ll have to make a decision about if you decide to build a greenhouse.

And this book provides all the information you’ll need to make the right decisions for your situation.

How About Heating, Lighting, Cooling?

Yes, more decisions you’ll have to make! And again, Building A Greenhouse provides the info you’ll need to make those decisions.

Things like:

  • greenhouse insulation, both interior and exterior
  • different types of heating systems
  • lighting systems
  • ventilation
  • cooling
  • irrigation systems
  • greenhouse foundations and flooring
  • benches, beds, pots, capillary matting, and many other greenhouse accessories

Want to Build a Greenhouse?

By the time you’ve reached this point of the book, you’ll have a good idea of the type of greenhouse you want, and how you’ll equip it.

There Are More Decisions to be Made, Though…

  • What will you grow?
  • What kind of pests should you be worried about, and how will you handle them?
  • Where should you locate your greenhouse?
  • How big should your greenhouse be?
  • Will you grow your plants hydroponically?
  • How will your local climate affect your greenhouse design?

Want to Build a Greenhouse?

Shesh! Decisions, decisions!

But Building A Greenhouse provides the guidance you’ll need to make all of those decisions.

Easy-To-Follow Greenhouse Plans

And then the book delves into greenhouse plans. There are 5 of them in the book, and one additional plan in one of the bonuses.

So 6 greenhouse plans altogether:

  • a Box greenhouse
  • a Shelf greenhouse
  • a Portable PVC greenhouse
  • a Lean-to greenhouse
  • a Victorian-style greenhouse
  • a Roth-style greenhouse

Want to Build a Greenhouse?

These are nicely illustrated, detailed plans, with step-by-step instructions and a detailed material list for each greenhouse.

Dimensions and measurements are given in both metric and imperial units (feet and inches).

Ready to Get Started?

You’ll finish this book knowing what you want in a greenhouse, and how to make it happen.

So if you’ve always wanted to greenhouse garden – and especially if you’re interested in saving lots of money by building your own greenhouse – I feel certain that you’ll find Building A Greenhouse to be a valued resource.

Want to Build a Greenhouse?


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