Cherokee Purple Tomato

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Cherokee Purple Tomato

The Cherokee Purple tomato is a wonderful heirloom variety that is perhaps a bit misnamed. It takes some imagination to see purple in either the skin of the fruit or the flesh. Or it does for me, anyway.

That aside, this heirloom variety is an old standby, and you’d be able to find more than one gardener willing to declare this to be the best tomato they’ve ever eaten.

Cherokee Purple Tomato

The Cherokee Purple tomato has an interesting origin, too – for a tomato, anyway!

It was supposedly originally cultivated by the Cherokee tribe of Native Americans, and was gifted to some settlers in Tennessee some time in the 1800’s. True or not, the flesh is juicy with small seeds, and prettier on the inside than on the outside.

This is an indeterminate variety that produces large, donut-shaped fruit.

Cherokee Purple Tomato

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