First Time Tomato Grower

First Time Tomato Grower
First Time Tomato Grower

First Time Tomato Grower

Thank you very much for this education! I found it to be very useful.

This is my first ever attempt to grow anything. I am starting off with four tomato plants on our balcony, wish me luck!

We have “indeterminate” only. One “Big Boy”, one Big Beef and two “Early Girls”.

1) I would like to know about “Pruning” the larger steams with the larger leaves. Would it help the plant to trim these off as well or will it damage them?

I would like to watch a video on pruning if I can find one on the net.

I have added this Web Site to my Favs & will watch for other info releases!

Thanks for your help, I need all that I can get.

Good growing to you!

Best regards,

Mike D


Hi Mike,

Thanks for visiting my website. I’m glad you’re finding it useful!

Indeterminates are usually grown with just a couple of main stems. In fact, I grow mine with just one main stem. That’s accomplished, of course, by keeping suckers pinched off so that there’s only 1 growing point.

As the vine grows, you’ll notice that there is a continually repeating pattern of a few leaves, and then a fruit cluster, a few more leaves, and another fruit cluster.

The pattern just keeps repeating as long as the vine continues to grow.

In answer to your question: Yes, it is helpful to prune off some of the older leaves. It won’t hurt the plant to do so.

What I do is periodically prune off the leaves below the lowest fruit cluster that’s ready (or nearly ready) to harvest.

So you’ll end up with a stem that’s bare up to the first ripening cluster, and then you’ll have the repeating pattern of leaves, fruit cluster, leaves, fruit cluster for the remainder of the stem.

When you prune the leaves, you can usually just snap them off the stem rather than cutting them. And it’s better to do that earlier in the day rather than later.

But you don’t want to prune off leaves that are directly below immature fruit clusters. Those leaves help to feed the developing cluster, and if they’re removed, the fruit of that cluster may not size up properly.

I hope that answers your question, and I do indeed wish you luck with your tomatoes!

Just go to YouTube and do a search on “pruning tomato plants.” You’ll find lots of videos.

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