Helpful, Handy Gardening Tips and Techniques

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Helpful, Handy Gardening Tips and Techniques

What kind of gardening tips will you find here?

Well, to be bluntly honest, you’ll find tips on gardening and gardening advice that I couldn’t decide where else to put!

After all, many of the gardening tips that we gardeners carry in our arsenal of knowledge are pretty general.

For example, my first entry to this section of the website is about protecting your plants from frost and freeze damage.

That’s information that applies to just about every type of plant you might grow. So it doesn’t really belong in a section of the website devoted to tomatoes, or blueberries, or any other specific crop.

But I think you’ll agree that protecting your plants from frost is certainly important information. It’s information that belongs somewhere on a website about gardening. 

That’s the Kind of Info You’ll Find Here…

That’s exactly the type of info you’ll find below — links to great gardening advice, and great DIY tips for gardening.

The information that you find here might be a bit difficult to categorize, but it’s information that’s important. It’s information that will hopefully contribute to your success as a backyard gardener.

And if it took you a bit of searching to find what you were looking for here in this catchall category – sorry!

But having found it, I hope you’ll feel it was worth the search! 

Frost Protection

Providing frost protection for your plants may be necessary if you want to maximize your growing season. Learn how to use tools like floating row cover and wall o’ water to prevent frost damage.

Know Your Last Frost Date

Knowing the last frost date for your area is important. Your gardening schedule will be partly determined by the date of your average last frost. And fall gardeners need to know the first frost date, too.

Garden Soil pH

Having your garden soil pH in the proper range for the plants you’re growing is important. Soil pH defines whether your garden is composed of acidic soil, alkaline soil or somewhere in between.

Testing Soil pH

Testing soil pH – it’s important! Do you know your garden soil pH? Do you know whether you have acidic soil or alkaline soil? You can find out without hiring the services of a soil testing lab.

How to Lower Soil pH

Need to lower soil pH in your garden? You have several options available to you. Which option is best depends upon several factors. But moving your garden soil pH lower may be as simple as adding fertilizer or mulch.

How to Raise Soil pH

Raising pH is easier than lowering it. And though there are other alternatives, amending your garden soil with limestone is probably the best method of achieving a pH increase.

Garden Soil Preparation

Garden soil preparation involves getting organic matter, nutrients and pH where you want them. Getting your vegetable garden soil just right will pay dividends, making your efforts in improving garden soil worthwhile.

Chill Hours

Understanding chill hours – what they are and what they signify – can be a very useful tool for a gardener. Every fruiting plant has a chilling requirement. And every geographic area has an annual average of accumulated hours of chill time.

Types of Fertilizers

Gardening tips about many types of fertilizers, what the fertilizer numbers (or fertilizer analysis) of NPK fertilizers mean, and information about natural fertilizer such as seaweed fertilizer.

Using Manure as Fertilizer

Using manure as fertilizer can be great for your garden. Whether you’re using cow manure fertilizer, chicken manure fertilizer or horse manure fertilizer you can make your plants very happy with manure fertilizer. 

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