Greenhouse Designs: Which is Best for YOUR Backyard Greenhouse?

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Greenhouse Designs: Which is Best for YOUR Backyard Greenhouse?

There are many greenhouse designs suitable for a backyard greenhouse.

All of these different types of greenhouses have unique advantages and disadvantages.

If you want a greenhouse of your own, choosing the best design for your situation is one of the many decisions you’ll need to make.

And it Might Not be an Easy Decision…

Choosing the best design for your situation might be a difficult chore.

Not only because there are so many different greenhouse designs to choose from, but also because there are lots of variables to be weighed in making the decision.

So let’s start by first discussing some of the general criteria you’ll need to consider when choosing a greenhouse design.

Then we’ll examine in detail some of the more popular greenhouse designs.

Choosing a Backyard Greenhouse: Things to Think About

When you’re perusing all of the different types of greenhouses, trying to decide which would be best for your hobby greenhouse, here are some points-of-comparison to use when evaluating one design against another:


For some, the appearance of a design isn’t going to be terribly important. For others, though, it will be a major consideration.

Most of my experience with greenhouses has been in growing greenhouse crops for the commercial market. So for me, the appearance of a greenhouse has mostly been a non-factor in choosing a design. Other considerations have been far more important.

If I were selecting a greenhouse for my backyard, though, appearance would be high on the list of important design considerations. After all, nobody who takes pride in the appearance of his or her home and landscape wants an eyesore of a greenhouse sticking out like a sore thumb.

Of course, the design of a greenhouse isn’t the only thing that determines the attractiveness of the structure. Other factors such as construction materials also influence the appearance of a greenhouse.

But the design can very much be a limiting factor in the aesthetic value of a greenhouse.

A simple Quonset design, for example, is a simple yet very functional design (all of my greenhouses are Quonsets). But few would consider a Quonset design to be a structure of elegance and beauty.


Few of us have the luxury of ignoring this factor when choosing a greenhouse.

And while the cost of a greenhouse tends to be more influenced by construction materials than design, the design does influence the price to a degree.

For instance, the Quonset design that I just accused of being rather plain-Jane and inelegant is one of the best designs when judging by cost. That’s why so many commercial greenhouses are Quonsets.

Ability to Carry a Snow Load…

Do you live in an area of heavy snowfalls? If so, the ability of a structure to carry a snow load will be a major consideration as you’re choosing a greenhouse design.

And again, though construction materials are a factor in the strength of a greenhouse, the design is a major factor in determining the strength of a structure.

Designs with roofs that are peaked, domed or sloped will probably be a better choice for you than designs with a flat roof.


Are you going to build your greenhouse from scratch, or assemble it from a kit?

Then the ease with which the structure goes together might be a factor in your choice of a design.

Another great addition to your backyard is a portable induction cooktop that allows you to prepare delicious meals while working on your garden.

More Info About Specific Greenhouse Designs…

Below are some of the more popular greenhouse designs. Just click on the link to learn more about each specific design.

Deciding upon which design to use for your greenhouse is just one out of a bewildering array of choices that must be made by a newbie greenhouse gardener. Just take your time, read all you can about the various options, and in the end you’re bound to end up with a greenhouse that’s just right for you.

And then you can look forward to whiling away many a pleasant hour in your just-right greenhouse.

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