Growing Blueberries for the Home Garden

Honey Bee On Blueberry Blossom

Growing Blueberries for the Home Garden

Interested in growing blueberries?

There are lots of great reasons for learning how to grow blueberries in your home garden.

Given the right conditions, blueberry bushes are very productive and easy to grow.

In fact, you really don’t even have to have a proper garden to grow blueberries.

Blueberry bushes can be a part of your landscaping scheme, offering both beauty and berries. (Blueberry bushes are very close cousins to azalea bushes).

You can even grow blueberries on your patio or balcony, because blueberry bushes are quite adaptable to growing in containers

Grow Blueberries For Their Beauty…

Blueberry plants present a value that is rather rare among garden plants: they offer both ornamental beauty and delicious, nutritious fruit.

Blueberries in the springtime are an absolute delight to behold. The bushes are loaded with great clusters of delicate, bell-shaped, snowy white blossoms.

When our blueberry plants are in bloom, I love to just plop myself down in the middle of them.

I could spend hours (if I had them to spare!) just marveling at the beauty of the blossoms, lulled by the peaceful hum of the bees gathering nature’s bounty as they zip purposefully through the nectar-scented springtime air (honey bees love blueberry blossoms!).  

Growing Blueberries for the Home GardenHoney bees love blueberry blossoms!

As the spring fades and summer sets in, the berries replace the blossoms in adorning the foliage of the bush as they gradually morph from pastel greens, to pinkish whites, to the inviting powdery blue of plump ripe blueberries.

And in the fall, the leaves take on a brilliant orange-crimson hue before they die and settle to the earth in nature’s eternal cycle. 

Growing Blueberries for the Home GardenBlueberry bushes can be spectacularly beautiful in the fall

Grow Blueberries For Their Berries…

Growing Blueberries for the Home GardenClusters of plump blueberries, ripe for picking

Nearly everyone, of course, is familiar with blueberries. And there are few who don’t like them.

But there’s no way to get fresher fruit than plucking the plump, sun-warmed berries right off your own bush.

The journey of the berry from the bush to your mouth via your hand takes about 1 second. That’s a fresh delivery!

As with anything you grow in your garden, the intangible rewards of growing your own berries are a fringe benefit. The sense of accomplishment derived from working hand-in-hand with nature as you nurture your bush from a fragile young sprout to a flourishing, fruitful plant is something that you can’t taste, touch, see or hear – but you can sure feel it!

And if you’ve priced fresh blueberries in the store lately, you know that growing your own berries could also be an exercise in frugality. 

Growing Blueberries is Not Difficult

Blueberry bushes are a bit finicky. They’re only happy in certain types of soils and environments.

But put them in a place where they’re happy, and you’ll find them to be amazingly resilient and productive. After all, blueberries thrive in the wild throughout much of North America.

Blueberry bushes are long-lived plants, too. The first blueberries I planted are now just shy of 25 years old and thriving. (Yeah, I’m getting on up there myself!).

And for the most part, blueberries have few serious insect enemies. My quarter-century old plants are never sprayed – not just because I don’t like to spray, but also because there’s simply no need.  

So If You’re Interested…

If you’re interested in growing blueberries, I’ll offer as much guidance as I can. Just browse through the links below for all kinds of info about growing blueberries.

If you decide to give it a try, best of luck to you.

And have fun!

Facts About Blueberries

Interested in some facts about blueberries? Learn some blueberry trivia along with some blueberry facts such as blueberry nutrition and calories in blueberries. And some tips for freezing blueberries.

Health Benefits of Blueberries

The health benefits of blueberries might surprise you. In fact, because of the benefits of blueberries to your health, you’d be wise to eat some blueberries every day. And if those are blueberries that you grew, then all the better! Yes, they taste great, but that sure isn’t the only reason for growing blueberries.

Types of Blueberries

Did you know that there are different types of blueberries? Different species, actually – each with unique blueberry varieties. If you want to try growing blueberries, it’s important that you choose the correct species of blueberry plant for your area.

Recommended Lowbush Blueberry Varieties

The lowbush blueberry is the most cold hardy of all blueberry plants. Lowbush blueberries reach a maximum height of about a foot and a half and produce small, sweet berries.

Recommended Highbush Blueberry Varieties

The highbush blueberry is more heat tolerant than lowbush varieties, but less cold hardy. highbush blueberry plants are much more vigorous than lowbush, and can reach heights of around 12 feet.

Recommended Rabbiteye Blueberry Varieties

Rabbiteye blueberry plants are more heat tolerant than all other blueberry varieties, but less cold hardy. Rabbiteye blueberries are also the most vigorous and most productive type of blueberry. In fact, rabbiteye blueberry plants can reach heights of over 20 feet when left unpruned.

Preparing Soil for Blueberries

When preparing soil for blueberries, it’s important to understand the soil conditions that blueberries prefer. Get your soil right, and your blueberries will be very productive and thrive for many years.

Tips for Planting Blueberries

Time for planting blueberries? If so, it’s important to follow a few specific tips for planting blueberry bushes. Get your blueberries off to a good start by knowing how to plant blueberries properly.

Blueberry Fertilizer

The blueberry fertilizer you use to feed your blueberry bushes shouldn’t be just any old fertilizer. Blueberry plants have specific needs, and the blueberry food you give to your plants should meet those needs.

Blueberry Pollination

Achieving good blueberry pollination is one of the keys to getting a great blueberry crop. Blueberry bushes that have been pollinated properly will yield larger berries, and a larger percentage of blueberry blossoms will set fruit.

Growing Blueberries in Containers

Why would you consider growing blueberries in containers? There are several good reasons. And in fact, planting your blueberries in containers might be the easiest way to grow blueberries. 

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