Growing Tomatoes Indoors Hydroponically – It’s the BEST Way to Grow Tomatoes

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Growing Tomatoes Indoors Hydroponically – It’s the BEST Way to Grow Tomatoes

It certainly is possible to grow hydroponic tomatoes outdoors. Many people do it.

But growing tomatoes indoors is the best way to grow hydroponic tomatoes.

In fact, it’s the best way to grow tomatoes period.

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Creating a 100% Tomato Friendly Environment…

P1010037My hydroponic tomatoes are looking good! This is about 1 month after transplanting seedlings.

When you’re growing tomatoes hydroponically in a controlled environment, you’ve created the perfect growing conditions for your tomatoes. You’re giving your tomato plants everything they need to perform to their maximum.

That means maximum production. And it also means maximum quality.

That’s why tomatoes that you grow indoors using a hydroponic system will be the best tomatoes you’ve ever grown. And it’s likely that they’ll also be the best tomatoes you’ve ever tasted in your entire life.

I know that seems a bold claim.

But my years of experience in growing hydroponic tomatoes on a commercial scale have convinced me that it’s a valid claim.

So What is a “Controlled” Environment?

Most typically hydroponic tomatoes are grown in some form of greenhouse. And in most cases, the greenhouses used for growing hydroponic tomatoes are fairly sophisticated.

They offer the grower the ability to provide heat to assure temperatures don’t fall below the comfort level for tomato plants (tomato plants don’t like cool temps).

They offer the grower at least some ability to control maximum temperatures.

They offer the grower the ability to provide fresh air ventilation as needed.

And you don’t have to have a big commercial greenhouse to enjoy all those perks of greenhouse growing. There are plenty of small, hobby greenhouses – perfectly suited for a backyard grower – that offer all of those perks of growing in a controlled environment.

Growing Tomatoes Indoors Hydroponically – It’s the BEST Way to Grow Tomatoes

Small hobby greenhouses like this 6′ x 6′ x 7′ Palram can offer a relatively inexpensive means of providing a controlled environment for backyard hydroponic tomato growers.

You Don’t Even Have to Use a Greenhouse…

You can enjoy the advantages of growing tomatoes indoors without owning a greenhouse. You can grow hydroponic tomatoes right in your own home.

One way to do that is to set up a grow tent somewhere in your home. And a grow tent comes with certain advantages over using a greenhouse.

Because while it’s certainly wonderful to have a greenhouse for growing your tomatoes, a greenhouse must be heated and cooled.

But a grow tent that shares your home is going to provide a comfortable environment for your tomatoes. It won’t be too hot, and it won’t be too cold. Assuming, of course, that you’re not too hot or cold in your own home!

Growing Tomatoes Indoors Hydroponically – It’s the BEST Way to Grow Tomatoes

Grow tents like this Apollo 4’x4′ offer anybody – even apartment dwellers – the ability to grow hydroponic tomatoes in a controlled environment.

And the Perfect Environment Is…?

So what are the perfect environmental conditions for growing hydroponic tomatoes? It’s really pretty simple.

  • Not Too Cold. The minimum temperature for your tomatoes should be in the low 60s (F). It’s ideal if you can keep nighttime temperatures in the sixties, and seventies in the daytime.
  • Not Too Hot. Daytime temps in the 70’s (F) are ideal. You can let it get somewhat warmer than that without doing harm. Temperatures consistently above 85 F, though, will cause some problems with fruit quality. And consistent temperatures above 90 F will cause production to plummet.
  • Not Too Humid. Excessive humidity invites a host of problems, mostly in the form of fungal diseases. And unfortunately, humidity is the most difficult environmental factor to control. That’s because the plants themselves release lots of moisture into the air during the process of transpiration. The ideal target for tomatoes, though, is a relative humidity of between 60% to 80%. The judicious use of ventilation is the best way to control humidity.

Enjoy Home Grown Tomatoes Year Round…

By combining hydroponic growing with a controlled environment, you’ll be able to grow outstanding tomatoes. And even better, you’ll be able to do it all year long. Your tomato gardening won’t have to be relegated to just a few months of the year.

And that might be the very best perk of growing tomatoes indoors. Because not only will you eat good all year, you’ll have fun all year. And that’s a tough combo to beat!

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