Learn How to Grow Tomatoes, and Enjoy the ‘Fruits’ of Your Labor


Learn How to Grow Tomatoes, and Enjoy the ‘Fruits’ of Your Labor

Learn How to Grow Tomatoes, and Enjoy the ‘Fruits’ of Your Labor

Learn how to grow tomatoes, and you’ll have yet another reason to look forward to spring and summer. In fact, if you enjoy growing tomatoes (and eating them!), tomato growing is actually possible anytime of the year.

As I write this, it’s early January, and I’m on the verge of harvesting the first tomatoes of the season in my greenhouse – and we’re having nighttime lows in the teens this week!

Nothing like home grown tomatoes!

According to the U.S.D.A, Americans consume an average of nearly 100 pounds of fresh and processed tomatoes yearly.

And as everyone knows, the very best tomatoes are homegrown.

Small wonder, then, that growing tomato plants is among the most popular of gardening activities.

Learn How to Grow Tomatoes, and Enjoy the ‘Fruits’ of Your Labor

Learning how to grow a tomato plant is quite frequently the thing that neophyte gardeners are most interested in. And there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of picking that very first tomato that you grew.

If you want to join in the fun, you’ll find page links below that will tell you EVERYTHING (or at least pretty darn close!) you want to know about tomato gardening.

A Fruity Veggie?

Yes, as you may be thinking, tomatoes are classified as a fruit, not a vegetable.

So why have I placed info about growing tomatoes under the Veggies section of this website? Because who actually thinks of tomatoes as fruit? I don’t!

But whatever their botanical classification, they’re great to eat and fun to grow!

Tomato Nutrition

Something about tomato nutrition that everybody knows? They’re really good for you! But when you eat a tomato, just what are you really eating? Let’s find out about the nutritional value of tomatoes.

Tomato Facts

Fun tomato facts. Learn about the history of tomatoes. Learn interesting things about the tomato that you never knew!

Choosing Tomato Varieties

Part of learning how to grow tomatoes is learning how to select the best varieties. But choosing tomato varieties for your backyard garden can be a chore, because there are so many tomato varieties to choose from. Here are a few tips for choosing the best varieties for your garden.

Best Tomato Varieties

What are the best tomato varieties? That’s a question that is essentially impossible to answer because everyone who’s learned how to grow tomatoes has their favorites! But here’s a listing of some of the best tomatoes in terms of popularity.

Indeterminate Tomatoes and Determinate Tomatoes

Heard of indeterminate tomatoes and determinate tomatoes? Know what the difference is? Every tomato gardener should! Knowing whether or not a tomato variety is determinate or indeterminate is a key consideration in selecting the tomato varieties you’re going to grow.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes have become very popular of late. And for good reason, because by growing heirloom tomato plants you’ll be able to experience a wonderful diversity of tomato sizes, shapes and flavors.

Growing Tomatoes From Seed

Growing tomatoes from seed is a great way to get your tomato seedlings. And learning how to grow tomatoes from seeds is easy. Here are some specific tips for planting tomato seeds and growing tomato seedlings.

Planting Tomatoes

Time for planting tomatoes? Planting tomato plants is easy and can make for an enjoyable day in the garden. You’ve learned how to grow tomatoes into fine young seedlings, now learn how and when to plant them.

Fertilizing Tomatoes

Fertilizing tomatoes is all about knowing what’s the best fertilizer for tomatoes, how much tomato fertilizer to apply, and when to apply tomato fertilizers.

Watering Tomatoes

Watering tomatoes properly will help keep them productive and healthy. Here are some tomato growing tips for watering tomato plants when they need it, how they need it and in the proper quantities.

Pruning Tomato Plants

Is pruning tomato plants necessary? That depends upon several factors. But in general, by pruning tomatoes you’ll probably have increased fruit production and quality and more manageable plants.

Using Tomato Stakes

Tomato stakes are one of the easiest and most popular types of tomato supports. Once you learn how to stake tomatoes, you’ll find tomato staking to be fast and easy.

Tomato Cages

Among home gardeners, tomato cages are probably the most popular method of providing support to growing tomato plants. It might be the easiest method, too.

Tomato Supports

Tomato supports don’t have to be limited to just caging or staking – though these may be the most popular methods. Depending upon the layout of your garden you might want to also consider using a tomato tower or a tomato ladder.

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