Hydro West AquaBuckets Deep Water Culture System: An Excellent System for DWC Hydroponics


Hydro West AquaBuckets Deep Water Culture System: An Excellent System for DWC Hydroponics

The AquaBuckets system offers an innovative, cutting-edge approach to deep water culture hydroponics. 

The system offers great growing capacity for experienced growers. 

But it can also provide an easy intro to hydroponics for beginning growers. 

The AquaBuckets system also offers greater flexibility than many hydroponic systems. And it might just be the easiest system to manage and maintain of any comparable deep water culture systems on the market.

Hydro West AquaBuckets Deep Water Culture System AmazonAquaBuckets is a versatile and sophisticated deep water culture system

What is “Deep Water Culture” Hydroponics?

In case you don’t know, deep water culture growing involves suspending the roots of plants in a nutrient-rich solution of oxygenated water. It’s one of many forms of hydroponic growing.

In this system of growing, plants are grown in a net pot fixed to the top of a bucket. The bucket also serves as a nutrient reservoir, and the roots grow directly down into the nutrient solution.

How the AquaBuckets System Works…

The AquaBuckets system is comprised of a main nutrient bucket (called the “heart”), and 4 grow buckets. The nutrient solution is continuously pumped from the heart to each of the grow buckets, and then returned to the heart via gravity. 

An air pump continuously cycles air through air stones placed in each bucket to keep the nutrient solution richly oxygenated.

The AquaBuckets System Offers Great Flexibility and Easy Maintainability

Each grow bucket is tethered to the system with a flexible 1/4″ feed tube and a flexible 1/2″ drain tube. Hydro West calls it “Tethered Technology.” The design allows for a degree of flexibility in the layout and spacing you choose for your system. 

But the routine chores of maintaining and managing the system – adding nutrients; checking conductivity; adusting pH; draining and replenishing the nutrient solution – can all be done from one location: the heart. 

That makes the AquaBuckets system significantly easier to maintain and manage than many competing systems.

Hydro West AquaBuckets Deep Water Culture System 2 AmazonThe AquaBuckets system is very well suited for growing large plants

Pros and Cons

All products have their good points and not-so-good points, and the AquaBuckets system is no exception.

Here are some of the highs and potential lows to consider if you’re thinking about trying this product. 


·        Flexibility. The “Tethered Technology” of this system offers wonderful flexibility for growers.

·        Easy Maintenance. The maintenance and management of this system is likely as simple and convenient as you’re going to find for a DWC system.

·        Great for BIG Plants. This system is exceptionally suitable for growing very large plants, like tomatoes.

·        Excellent System for Grow Tents. This system is designed to be highly compatible with hydroponic culture in grow tents. (A tent no smaller than 3′ x 3′ is recommended.)


·        Price. Not the cheapest system available, but offers great value for the price.

·        Extra Equipment. Be aware that you may need to use a water chiller with this system to keep the nutrient solution at an optimal temperature range. (Normal with deep water culture growing, and not a quirk just of this system.)

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