Hydroponic Lettuce: Sweet, Crisp, Tasty – Nutritious!

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Hydroponic Lettuce: Sweet, Crisp, Tasty – Nutritious!

Growing hydroponic lettuce offers some real advantages over growing it the old fashioned way – in the soil.

Growing lettuce hydroponically is a very ‘clean’ method of growing lettuce.

I’m sure you’ve heard of numerous recalls over the past few years of salad crops. Most often those recalls are prompted by concerns about E-Coli contamination.

Unfortunately people have gotten very sick – or even died – after eating field-grown salad crops contaminated with E-Coli. It’s happened even with organic crops.

But when grown in a greenhouse (or in your house!), there’s not much chance of your lettuce becoming contaminated with something like E-Coli.

That’s because hydroponic lettuce is grown in a relatively pristine environment compared to field crops.

Hydroponic Lettuce: Sweet, Crisp, Tasty – Nutritious!

And when you use hydroponic techniques to grow your lettuce, you can expect faster and better production than you’d get growing in soil. The flavor will be better, and the lettuce tends to be crisper.

As an added bonus, lettuce is one of the easiest crops to grow hydroponically (far easier than tomatoes).

So Many Different Lettuce Varieties…

One of the fun aspects of growing hydroponic lettuce is experimenting with the vast varieties of lettuce available.

If you’re accustomed to buying the hum-drum iceberg lettuce sold in grocery stores, hydroponic growing will open a whole new world to you.

  • head lettuces
  • leaf lettuces
  • lolla rossa
  • lolla bionda
  • red oak leaf
  • green oak leaf
  • romaine

All of these (and MANY more) are perfectly suited for hydroponic growing.

Hydroponic Lettuce: Sweet, Crisp, Tasty – Nutritious!Growing several different varieties in our hydroponic lettuce greenhouse

You’ll be Giving Your Lettuce Plants EXACTLY What They Need…

By growing your lettuce hydroponically, you’ll be giving them precisely what they need. They’ll get the full range of nutrients required to grow to their full potential. That’s why they’ll taste better than field-grown.

But there’s a wonderful fringe benefit hidden in that fantastic flavor – nutrition.

By giving your hydroponic lettuce plants everything they need as they’re growing, they’ll be packed full of all the nutrients that Mother Nature intends that they have.

So when you eat that lettuce, you’ll be getting more of the nutrients that Mother Nature intends for you to have.

Sort of a symbiotic relationship!

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