Planting Seeds: It’s How Every Garden Begins

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Planting Seeds: It’s How Every Garden Begins

Whether you’re planting seeds inside or out, your backyard garden always begins with seeds.

Even if you buy plants for your garden that someone else seeded! 

Aren’t Seeds Amazing Things?

Think about it.

Hold a seed in the palm of your hand, and just think about the incredible power and amazing potential of that little seed.

Let’s imagine, for example, that you hold an acorn in your palm.

That tiny, fragile little thing – it might weigh barely an ounce – has the power to transform water and sunlight into a massive oak tree, a tree with the potential to soar 100 feet into the air, weigh tens of thousands of pounds, and live for centuries.

It almost seems miraculous!

But now let me snatch that acorn from your hand, and replace it with a tiny tomato seed.

The plant that little tomato seed has the power to produce won’t stretch toward the clouds or live hundreds of years. That plant won’t even survive a full year. But in its own way, the plant that results from that tiny tomato seed is even more impressive.

Because it can give you the gift of life.

That little tomato seed has the power to create a plant that will convert water, sunlight, and the nutrients of the soil into sustenance for your body. It can do for you something that you cannot do for yourself – create food. 

I Think That’s a Large Part of the Joy of Gardening…

  Helping each seed that we plant to achieve it’s full potential. Witnessing the miracle as our seeds sprout to life, and with our help, achieve the full potential of their genetic heritage – a heritage upon which we ourselves are fully dependent.

And then enjoying the life-giving nutrients that the little seeds, in fulfilling their destiny, in turn give to us. When we garden, we both witness and participate in that circle of life.

No, you won’t starve and die if you don’t plant that tomato seed.

But if nobody planted seeds…well, there’d be a lot of hungry people on the planet!

So even though your backyard garden may be nothing more than a hobby, something done for recreation rather than necessity, it’s still important. Because when you grow food, you’re doing the most essential thing in life FOR life.

And it all begins with planting seeds.

How Do Seeds Grow?

Just how do seeds grow? Have you ever wondered? The process of seed germination is really quite fascinating. And understanding how seeds germinate and grow can be an aid in your gardening efforts.

Starting Seeds Indoors

Planting seeds indoors is a great way to get seedlings for transplanting in your backyard garden. Indoor seed starting is easy, and by growing your seeds indoors, you can have lots of quality seedlings ready to plant outside just as soon as Jack Frost leaves town.

Growing Your Seedlings

Growing seedlings properly will help to ensure that you have strong, healthy plants for transplanting. Using grow lights and seedling heat mats can help. Learn how to grow your seedlings into healthy transplants for your garden.

Hardening Off Seedlings

Hardening off plants before transplanting them into your garden is important. By hardening off seedlings before transplanting them, you’ll reduce their stress, and increase your chances of success. And maybe reduce your stress, too!

Planting Seedlings

Planting seedlings into your backyard garden is a crucial step in your gardening season. Doing it right – and at the right time – will help to get your garden off to a great start. 

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