Which Strawberry Varieties Are Best For Your Home Garden?

Strawberry Garden

Which Strawberry Varieties Are Best For Your Home Garden?

Selecting strawberry varieties for your home garden isn’t necessarily an easy task. In fact, it can be kind of a Rubic’s Cube conondrum.

That’s because there are many, many different varieties of strawberries.

But there are also 3 very different types of strawberries, each with its own set of popular varieties.

So your first task in choosing the varieties of strawberries that you’ll be growing is to understand the differences between these 3 types of strawberries.

Click on the links below to go to a page that describes each type of strawberry, and offers some suggestions for specific varieties you might want to try: 

OK, Got All That Straight?

Which Strawberry Varieties Are Best For Your Home Garden?Choose the right strawberry varieties for your best chance of success

Now that you understand the differences between the different types of strawberries, you’re in a better position to select your varieties.

In fact, you may have already made your selections based upon the variety recommendations I offered on those pages.

If so, I guess we’re done here!

But if you’re still not sure which strawberry varieties might work best for you, keep reading. There are other considerations that might help you make a decision.

Additional Decision Points for Choosing a Strawberry Variety

Ah, decisions, decisions.

You’re interested in simply growing a few strawberry plants in your home garden, and now you have a bewildering array of choices to wade through just to figure out which varieties to grow. And to complicate the issue, not all varieties will do well in all areas.

But here are some additional points to consider which may help you to choose which type of strawberry to grow:

  • Growing Space Required:
    Overall, June bearing strawberries are more vigorous plants than day neutrals or everbearing. They put out lots of runners. And each runner, if not removed, will take root as a new strawberry plant. So if you’re very limited in the space available for growing strawberries, that’s a factor that favors everbearing and day neutral.
  • Fruit Size:
    June bearing tend to be considerably larger on average. And most people tend to favor big berries. But depending upon how you’re planning to use your harvests, bigger might not necessarily be better. So that might be a nod toward day neutral or everbearing for you.
  • Fruit Flavor:
    This requires more of a variety-against-variety comparison than a comparison between the 3 primary types of strawberries. There are a number of varieties of each type of strawberry that offer outstanding flavor. You’ll use this factor more for deciding which varieties you want to continue to grow, rather than which varieties you want to start growing.
  • Yield:
    Because of their greater vigor and fruit size, June bearing strawberries are generally the most productive (in terms of poundage per season).
  • Climate:
    If you live in an area where the summers are hot (many days above 90 F), you won’t get the extended production that’s possible with day neutral and everbearing varieties. These types of strawberries perform to their potential in locations where the summers are mild.  

And Remember, You Don’t Have to Choose Just One…

Of course, you don’t have to restrict yourself to just one type of strawberry, or even one variety. There’s no better way to find out how a given type/variety of strawberry will do in your area than by simply trying it.

So if you’re not terribly cramped for space, plant a variety of varieties in your garden. Become the world’s leading expert at which strawberry varieties do best in your backyard!

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