Gardener’s Supply Tomato Cage: Pretty Nearly Perfect!

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Gardener’s Supply Tomato Cage: Pretty Nearly Perfect!

This tomato cage from Gardener’s Supply comes pretty close to being a perfect solution for supporting your tomato plants.

If you’re an experienced tomato grower, you know that tomato plants need lots of support. Coming up with the right kind of support, in fact, can sometimes be a real headache.

Staking and twining your tomatoes is a traditional method of supporting tomatoes, and certainly works. But the emphasis goes on the word ‘work’ – as in lots of extra work!

A great solution for supporting tomatoes would be something that’s quick and easy to put in place, that you can store easily in the off-season, and that you can reuse for years.

That’s exactly what you’ll get with the Gardener’s Supply purpose-built tomato cage.

Gardener’s Supply Tomato Cage: Pretty Nearly Perfect!

These cages are built of sturdy 10-guage steel, strong enough to handle bumper crops. (If you’re a newbie tomato grower, be aware: a single tomato plant loaded with green and ripening fruit can be surprisingly heavy!)

Since the steel is galvanized, you can expect to be able to use the cages for many, many growing seasons.

And storing the cages in the off-season won’t be a problem. The panels are hinged so that the cage can be collapsed and stored flat.

(Have you dealt with the headache of trying to find someplace to store a bunch of non-collapsible tomato cages? You don’t want to store them outside if you don’t have to, but shed/garage space is precious. A stack of tomato cages eats up a lot of that precious space really quickly!)

Another great feature is the 8-inch openings in the cage. You’ll be able to harvest right through the cage – no trying to worm your arm down through the top trying to get to a beautiful tomato that won’t fit through the cage.

And whether you grow determinate or indeterminate tomatoes, these cages should work great for you because they’re stackable, accommodating the growth characteristics of any tomato variety.

This is a great gardening tool that has made tomato growing a bit easier and a bit more fun for lots of folks (well over a thousand customer reviews to date!).

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