Tomato Success Kit Makes Growing Tomatoes Easier


Tomato Success Kit Makes Growing Tomatoes Easier

The popular Tomato Success Kit from Gardener’s Supply makes tomato growing easier and more successful. Makes it more fun, too!

Tomatoes are probably the single most popular crop for home gardeners. The taste of a fresh-picked, vine-ripened, homegrown tomato is one of life’s special pleasures.

But getting to the point of picking that beautiful homegrown tomato sometimes turns into one of life’s headaches!

That’s because there are plenty of things that can go wrong in growing tomatoes – especially for newbie growers. And along the way, there are lots of judgment calls to make:

  • when to water
  • how much to water
  • when to fertilize
  • what to use for fertilizer, and how much
  • how to avoid tomato ailments like blossom end rot
  • how to avoid picking up soil-borne diseases, nematodes, and other nasties

All of those factors combine to make the Tomato Success Kit a great idea.

The kit comes with everything you’ll need to grow tomatoes (except plants – but if they’re in season you can order them along with the kit).

Tomato Success Kit Makes Growing Tomatoes Easier

You Won’t Even Need a Garden…

Because in essence, the kit is a self-contained tomato garden, complete with soil mix, fertilizer, a tomato support cage, and a planter. You’ll just add plants and water. You’ll be able to grow your plants on a deck, a balcony, a patio – anyplace where they’ll get sunlight.

Since your plants will grow in a container, there’ll be no weeding to do. The coconut coir mix eliminates concerns of soil-borne pathogens (my greenhouse tomatoes LOVE growing in coconut coir!).

The slow-release fertilizer that’s supplied will keep your plants fed throughout the growing season. No nutrient deficiencies, and no concerns about burning roots.

And the eternal problem of when and how much to water? (Too much and your tomatoes will crack and split. Too little and you’ll develop problems like blossom end rot!)


Just fill the 4-gallon watering reservoir when needed, and your plants will automatically have the water they need when they need it.

You’ll be able to reuse the kit year after year, too. Just buy the convenient replenishment pack (self-watering mix and slow release organic fertilizer) and you’ll be good to go for another growing season.

This is the way to grow tomatoes!

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