What type of blueberry?

What type of blueberry?

What type of blueberry?

by linda bannister
(Tonasket Washington)

Hi, how are you! I hope you can answer my question.

I have a large and high blueberry bush. It was here when I moved out here on my property. I didn’t know what it was but it grew year after year. I haven’t watered it that much because I usually wait to see what things are and I let my land sort of talk to me. Well the deer strip it every year. It grows back.

Last year I realized it was some kind of a blueberry plant. I dared to taste one of these little things and I am sure it is a blueberry bush/tree/bush? Well I collected the berries and froze them I just pulled them out of the freezer to feed them to the robins we have here. I don’t know what kind of blueberry bush it is. I want to plant tons more cause this one does so good! It could very well be pretty old but it is beautiful! It has a lot, lot, lot of white flowers right now, then the berries turn green then blue. Can you help me to identify it? Appreciate it,



Hello Linda,

Sounds like a wonderful plant, whatever it is! And it may very well be a blueberry plant. I’m not 100% sure, though. There are other plants that are frequently confused with blueberries – most notably huckleberries. Your plant might be a blueberry, but I think there’s also a very good possibility that it’s a huckleberry.

I’m certainly not an expert, though, in the plants that grow in your part of the country. But I found a website that I think might help you in ID’ing your plant. Click here to see if this site can help you.

Whatever it is, I hope that it continues to provide enjoyment for you and the deer for many years to come!

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