When to feed blueberries

When to feed blueberries

When to feed blueberries

by Sylvia Caldwell
(Maiden, N.C.)

Thanks for the information.

I have a new patch with 8 bushes. One had about 30 berries. I was very excited. Some had none. I will feed them as suggested.

I have a friend that let me pick his bushes. There are two varieties. One has blue and one has almost black berries. I picked 16 gal.of berries. I plan to feed them so maybe they will all bear.

I have really enjoyed picking them and making things with them…. just made a blueberry cheesecake which is awesome….

Thanks again for a great site…..


Thank you, Sylvia!

I well remember years ago when we planted blueberries for the very first time. When spring rolled around and those little plants bloomed, and then we got to pick a scattering of berries from those spindly little plants – it was very exciting!

And then of course it wasn’t long before those little plants grew into big bushes, producing gallons of fruit each. Just like your friend’s plants (and yours, soon!).

Enjoy those berries (and my…that blueberry cheesecake does sound awesome!)

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